How can I arrange a care service with Orchid Homecare?

Simply call our office on 01234 482 483 or email us at to arrange an appointment. One of our experienced Care Team members will decide with you a convenient day for a visit to discuss how Orchid Homecare can work for you. As part of the appointment, you will also have the chance to ask as many questions as you would like and once happy we’ll be taking care of the rest.

Can I make changes to my care package?

We understand that different people have different needs, and these needs can very often change. We always listen to you and therefore carry out reviews on a regular bassis to ensure we’re delivering the very best care to you or your loved ones.

What tasks will my care worker carry out?

This will be agreed with you on the day we visit you. This then becomes the care routine for each day; we call this the “Care Plan”. As your care needs may change from time to time, we regularly check to make sure “Care Plans” are up to date and the care we provide is appropriate.

Are there limitations to what my care worker will be able to do?

Once we have established a daily care routine with you, we will stick to it. We are not able to give injections or change sterile dressings. Also, we can’t carry out any tasks that are likely to cause risks to the Orchid Homecare worker or to you. Tasks will be agreed with you on our first visit and reviewed regularly.

Can I have the same care worker each day?

It depends on how many care visits you require each week. We very rarely assign just one care worker to a particular customer, but always try to keep the care workers to a minimum. This will ensure other carer(s) are familiar with your daily care routine when your carer may be away on holiday.

Shall I be concerned about my personal security?

Orchid Homecare take security very seriously. Every member of the care team has been rigorously checked before started working with us. All our staff will always wear their uniform and carry a personalised identification card which shows their name, photograph and signature.

How can I be sure that my care worker will stay the full period of the care visit and carry out all the tasks?

We take great care to ensure that the service we provide is exactly what you expected it to be. At the end of every visit your care worker will be required to log the details of the activities undertaken during its visit in the care record (which is retained by the customer). The customer is asked to record their satisfaction by signing the care worker’s timesheet, which is returned to our office each week for checking.

How do I pay for my care?

We will send you a bill once every two weeks. You can either pay by standing order, by cheque or by bank transfer. Please call our office should you wish more info regards ways you can pay for your care.

How much do your services cost?

After our first visit where we would’ve established your care needs, we will put together a detailed plan that outlines the care to be delivered as well as the weekly costs. Please check with your local Social Services office if you’re entitled to assistance with the cost of your care.

What happens when the office is closed?

Our office is open from 8.30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). Apart from this, we operate an out-of-hours emergency service which is available from 7am to 10pm. The number for our out-of-hours service will be provided for your reassurance, with someone at the end of the telephone line to assist with any emergencies about your care.

What safeguards do I have?

Orchid Homecare is registered with the local registration body in the county in which we operate. The local bodies set the minimum standards by which we operate, however in every case we seek to exceed these minimum standards by a significant margin. We also carry Public Liability insurance (£10 million).

If the above do not answer all your questions, please call our office number on 01234 482 483 or email as at and one of our Care Team members will happily answer all your questions.