Orchid Homecare is a leading domiciliary care company who is committed to providing the highest quality care at home services in Bedford and surrounding areas.

We are a family-owned business that is genuinely passionate about providing excellent care at home services that enable our customers to enjoy and get the most out of their lives regardless of their particular circumstances. We strive to promote these values from initial contact and through all of our care provision which is tailored to suit the individual needs of our customers in their own homes.

From the first day we opened our business to serve the community, our customers have been at the heart of everything we do. Our team at Orchid Homecare aims to deliver a home care service that we would be happy for our family and loved ones to receive, and we aim to support our customers to maintain their independence and lifestyle by providing the highest quality of care at home.

We believe in treating each person individually and by focusing on the individual needs of each of our clients, we aim to help them enjoy a higher standard of living. We understand that no two persons needs are the same and by offering an effective service that our clients value, we can make a real difference to people’s well being. We also believe that encouraging and maintaining the independence of our clients is fundamental to the care and support we provide.

Our Mission…

“To be a trusted provider delivering outstanding and genuine care and support to local communities.”

Our objectives…

  • To make a positive difference by providing a quality service through the provision of highly trained, fully competent and experienced personnel. The cornerstone of our success is our robust recruitment process and the training that we offer to all our care staff.
  • To ensure that care provision is personalised and delivered in accordance with regulatory requirements as set out by the CQC and the diverse requirements of our customers. We constantly strive to respect the individuality of customers, whilst promote their independence, dignity, respect their privacy and personal choices, lifestyle, customs, cultures and values.
  • We seek to continually improve the service we provide, the quality and reputation of our company and the range of settings and customers we are able to support.
  • To constantly evolve our policies, procedures and our bespoke computerised system to deliver and monitor reliable and outstanding care where all appointments are consistently scheduled promptly and that continuity of staff is paramount at all times.
  • To ensure successful delivery of this service, the management team undertakes to understand what is expected of them and the outcomes that are desired by our customers. The company adopts an outcome-based approach to the service that it delivers.
  • To work and communicate effectively in conjunction with other health and social care professionals in the delivery of outstanding care.

Our philosophy…

  • We believe that every individual should be empowered to have choice and control in the way they choose to live their lives; this may include:
    • The right to remain living in their own home
    • The right to live your life in the fulfilling way that you choose as we believe that whatever customers’ needs are, we believe that by providing the right care and support this will enable people to do so with dignity and in an independent, safe and secure way.
  • We believe in showing absolute compassion to all of our customers and colleagues.
  • We highly value our care and support workers, without whom there will be no Orchid Homecare.
  • We believe in offering all staff the opportunity to excel and achieve.
  • We believe in the strength of our policies and procedures and the importance of adhering to them at all time
  • We believe in continuing to identify and support opportunities for improvement.
  • We believe that Orchid Homecare gains additional strength from overcoming obstacles.
  • We believe in consistently maintaining fair and competitive fee levels whilst maintaining an outstanding quality of service.
  • We believe that our mission can only be realized by sharing our beliefs and working together as a team.
  • We believe in complete honesty and integrity in everything we set out to accomplish.